CEC Marine is a coastal and marine engineering consultancy, whose areas of expertise are coastal zone planning, planning and detail design of fixed and/or floating coastal and marine structures, including ports, harbours, marinas, sea terminals, breakwaters, dikes, land fills, any type of vessel berths, quays, docks and piers, beach nourishments, submarine pipelines, buoy mooring systems and offshore platforms.

Numerical modeling is the primary tool for each design project; some of which can be listed as; wave modeling, flow and hydrodynamic modeling,
morphodynamic modeling, near field and far field thermal or pollutant discharge modeling, river basin and hydrological modeling, riverine hydraulics, flood modeling and modeling of ship moorings

Projects are carried out by considering ecological design principles, with the help of field studies, up-to-date computing technologies, valid international standards, methods, and academic know-how based on academic research and development activities.
  • Design

    Ports, Harbours and Marinas
    Coastal and Marine Structures
    Submarine Pipelines, Water Intake and Discharge Systems
    Single Point and Multi Point Catenary Buoy Mooring Systems
    Floating Piers, Docks and Breakwaters
  • Numerical Modeling

    Wind and Wave Climate Assessments
    Numerical Modeling of Waves (Generation, Propagation, Transformation and Agitation Analyses)
    Numerical Modeling of Flow and Hydrodynamics
    Numerical Modeling of Morphodynamics (Sediment Transport and Morphology)
    Numerical Modeling of Thermal and Pollutant Discharges (Near Field and Far Field)
    Numerical Modeling of River Basin Hydrology and Riverine Flood Risk Analyses
    Numerical Modeling of Vessel Moorings
  • Physical Modeling

    2D Physical Modeling of Coastal and Marine Structures for Hydraulic Stability and Overtopping (in association with ITU-COMAR)
    3D Physical Modeling of Coastal and Marine Structures for Hydraulic Stability, Overtopping and Agitation (in association with ITU-COMAR)